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Be a Mentor

We are always looking to recruit experienced, successful mentors in the Cambridge area from a wide range of business sectors, all of whom are willing to invest their time and energy to enable young professionals to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Nothing is more important to the growth of business or the region than attracting and retaining top talent. If you’re over 40, interested in helping others, looking for new connections that will also help you grow, be a Mentor for our Young Innovative Professionals. 


Be at Events

Help us grow the network by attending the YIP's events and encourage your friends to attend events and join the networking. Making connections is paramount in personal and business growth, learning about others, sharing best practices, inspiring and being an inspiration is why every young professional should come together. Every YIP event is licence to engage in meeting others, learning and growing your network which is vital to business success.


Be a Social Media Ambassador

Help us get the word out about our events and community involvement. Like Us and Share, Follow Us and Retweet. The more people who know about us, the more people we can connect with and build our personal and business relationships. We have a Facebook page (YIP Cambridge), a Twitter account (@yipcambridge) and a Linkedin Group (Yip Cambridge). Our Twitter feed is live and real time on our website (, speaking of websites, check out our YIP Blog as well, featuring blog posts from our YIP members. Spreading the word will benefit everyone, connecting and engaging others of like-mind is a valuable tool to grow in business.


Be a Sponsor

As a program of The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, YIP must rely on the sponsorship of Chamber member businesses in order to help fund our professional development and networking programs and initiatives. Annual sponsorship is a great way to support and reach the young professionals in the community while gaining exposure for your business/organization.

Our goal will be to build sponsors to ensure businesses wishing to reach the YIP have ample opportunity from local businesses that share the vision of YIP. Our sponsors are critical to providing operating and programming opportunities for every YIP member. Join us in creating unique ways to engage members with sponsors.



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