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How Bullet Journaling Can Help Your Business


The idea of bullet journaling came from Ryder Carroll, a New York dweller and digital product designer, who designed bullet journaling as an alternative way to stay focused and organized. This method stemmed from Carroll’s early learning disability diagnosis, leading him to explore alternate routes of staying organized.


If you're not familiar with the idea, the point is to use bullet style or short sentences to write down tasks or lists. You can also add a calendar or tracker to track your daily or monthly activities and patterns. 


As technology continues to develop, creating astonishing advances that many of use on a daily basis, paper has become less common, or has it? According to, US sales of notebooks and planners have seen an 18 per cent increase since last year, along with the tools to use them. It seems the old way of doing things is coming back - with a twist. 


For many, in order to remember and stay on top of daily tasks, a physical copy of what needs to be done is essential. This applies to not just personal life but work life as well. The bullet journal is the perfect way to combine both personal and professional goals while adding a creative flair. 


There are three primary ways that bullet journaling can help your business stay organized. By putting all tasks and dates in one place, enhancing readability and encouraging creative techniques, the right bullet journal can take the way you operate to the next level. 


The bullet journal is a place where calendars, lists and other notes can be stored in one place. The best part is that it’s up to you where each of these go. If you want to layout your ideas on a monthly basis, you can. If a daily approach is preferred, you can do that too. There are many ways to mix and match styles that it could change month to month based on what you need. This helps keep plans fluid and relieves the stress of feeling as though you can only plan in a certain way. 


When using a standard planner, all of them have a pre-set design printed on the inside. Now, there are many versions designed to fit the needs of the user, but it’s impossible to explore all versions. With a bullet journal, the way you want to see dates and times and lists is completely customizable. Often, meetings are forgetten simply because it wasn’t seen in the calendar. The beauty of a customizable planner is the lowered risk of misunderstanding your planner, and yes, that is a thing. 


The most fun part of using a bullet journal is the creative element. For many bullet journal users, the use of colourful pens and creative designs is a large draw. Having something beautiful to look at is a lot more enticing than something plain. 


Many of us don’t put a lot of thought into our planners. We jot things down, close it, open it, maybe throw it in a bag sometimes, but we never take the time to sit with it and go through it. The bullet journal encourages thoughtfulness, something we could all use in our day. The more thoughtful you are with how you plan, the more thoughtful you will be at work. Anything that encourages calmness and creativity can only bring positivity to your workday. A bullet journal not only makes planning easier, it can open you up to new ways of thinking.


Still not sure what bullet journaling is? Take a look at this Youtube video on the basics of bullet journaling.



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January 14, 2020
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September 14, 2018
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