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New Year, New Habits

The first week of 2019 may be gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start something good. 


Habits are very important in life. They become part of your daily life, and over time can even shape who you are. That’s why it’s important to make sure those habits are good, not just for you, but for your life. As 2019 rolls along, here are 5 habits that can help you start the year off right. 


1. Pack your lunches


When you don’t bring enough food to work, it’s more than likely you’ll either starve for hours on end or buy yourself something that you didn’t really want in the first place. This leads to spending an unnecessary amount of money as well as a harsh effect on your body. 


To avoid the monetary and bodily anguish, pack a lunch the night before. It might seem like a simple one, but it is one that will make all the difference. You’re stomach and your wallet will thank you for this one.  


2. Drink lots of Water


Many of us absent-mindedly drink throughout the day, not paying attention to exactly how much of one thing we are consuming. Juices, coffee, pop and other drinks take up a lot of our daily drink consumption, but how much water are we drinking?


To keep clear skin and a hydrated body, be mindful of how much water you are or aren’t drinking. It’s important to drink the recommended amount, especially as you get older because, let’s face it, wrinkles happen. 


3. Turn off electronics at night


I know that late night work email may be tempting to look at, but the only thing it can do is cause stress and anxiety. Strain to the eyes and the mind are things our electronics can cause us. If you want to be a better employee, turn the phone off and shut the laptop. It’s important to give the mind a break from constantly working. If you don’t, then you create the bad habit of being a workaholic. 


Try set a time that you have to turn your phone off and stick to it. Keep it out of your bedroom if you have to. Just stay away from it until the morning, or longer if you can stand it. 


4. Create a workout schedule


Don’t panic. Creating a schedule doesn’t mean you are obligated to commit exact days and times to doing CrossFit. Instead, commit to a certain time of day for just you that requires physical activity. It could be Yoga, Pilates or simple stretching. All that matters is you integrate daily movement into your life. Many of us sit at desks for 8 hours, so it is essential that we find ways to rebound from the effects of long-term stagnation. 


Carve out a time in the morning or evening that consists of physical activity. Even 10 minutes of stretching every morning or night will make a difference. By repeating these actions on a daily basis, you build up a habit that your body will get used to and crave over time. 


5. Express yourself


Express is a vague term, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. During our work days, we often need to keep a wall of professionalism. In order to do this, we hold back how we feel. Over time, this can unknowingly build up inside, especially since we have less time to spend on our hobbies.


To let go of stress and opinions, find a way to express yourself. This can be artistically or physically. Buy a journal and journal your thoughts. Join a dance class. Paint. Draw. Do whatever calls to you. By expressing your feelings through a constructive outlet, you will feel lighter and more focused at work, which is good for everyone. 





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September 24, 2020
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September 14, 2018
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