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Why Young Professionals Should Blog

The term “blogging” did not come about until the late 1990s. Since then, blogging has taken many forms. What began as an online diary, an account of a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions, has since developed into a carefully crafted online corkboard of topics and information. 


You see, once the world realized that it had yet another platform to reach people, it separated from its wholesome purpose and morphed into a springboard for personal branding and still, the occasional thought. 


As a young professional, blogging may seem like an older practice. After all, you can reach out and talk whenever you’d like through a multitude of outlets – outlets designed to take 60 seconds or less to get your message out. Blogging on the other hand, takes time and effort and proofreading and thoughtfulness and a whole slew of other considerations.


Although those are all valid reasons to stick to social media and avoid the continuous blogging circle of doom, there are many more reasons why you should. 


Longer Word Count


Everyone loves to talk, especially business owners. It’s the only way they get the job done. On Twitter or Instagram, length is limited, which means you’ll have to leave out some key points from your statement. Over time this can get frustrating. 


Blogging’s double-edged sword is its almost infinite word count. You could post an entire essay on a blog and no one would bat an eyelash. Take advantage of that and use the space to get out as much information out as you can.


Easier to Organize Thoughts


When you are pressured to put out a short but sweet message, the original meaning might get muffled along the way. Thanks to the lack of word count issues, blogging makes organizing your thoughts easier. 


For instance, subheadings are very common in blogs - just like this one! Not only is it more

appealing to the eye, subheadings highlight key points that often get lost in chunks of messaging. Blogs allow the separation of ideas. 


Builds Relationships


By blogging, readers are able to get to know you better and get a feel for your thoughts and ideas. If you are a business owner, this is a great way to become familiar with your customers in a unique way. 


Remember, it’s okay to express some emotion in your posts. Personalize them and make your blogs synonymous with your brand. 


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September 24, 2020
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September 14, 2018
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